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Established in 1969 and based in Bahrain, Awal Plastics is a family-owned business by our founding partners, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali Bucheeri and Mr. Abdulla Abdulrahim Hasan Bucheeri.


We are considered as one of the largest signage manufacturers in the Middle East with over 50 years’ experience. We design, fabricate, install and maintain all types of signage from office to hotel signs, banking ATM surrounds and kiosks to retail signs, fascia’s to pylons.


We work with all major customer segments from government to banks, healthcare to hospitality around the Middle East focusing on customer service from start to finish.


Everything we do is manufactured in-house in our 27,000 square meters’ purpose-built factory and our dedicated team ensures that your project is fully taken care of at each and every step of the process. Working to strict ISO 9001:2015 procedures certifies that the work we do for you is of the highest quality.


Our Vision

Our vision is to focus on emerging markets, enterprises and new services.

• To ensure sustainability and organic growth through the people, processes and technology as the key drivers of the organisation.

• To become the strategic supplier of choice by catering to a diverse customer base and providing each customer segment with the best-in-class specialised and innovative ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions, thus enhancing visibility for their visual communication needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is possible with the latest technology and resources.

• To build a performance-driven culture that inspires, empowers and rewards achievements.

• To provide customers with our expertise and manage projects on time, with reliable and affordable solutions that meet their requirements.

• To identify and exploit new market opportunities that will generate sustainable growth and profitability.

• To challenge the status quo and be a champion of change in the industry.

• To create an organisation that is committed to responsible leadership, ethical and supportive management systems.


Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali Bucheeri

Founder and Joint Chairman – Commercial

“Sustainability and freedom through responsibility.”


A vision created and sustained by supporting the core foundation and pillars of Awal Plastics with his pragmatic and practical approach.

His enterprising spirit and humility have been the key drivers responsible for the success of Awal Plastics. He believes in simplicity and hard work, the principles that have turned his ideas and thoughts into reality.

Being a banker in his earlier days, his experience in financial and corporate management through his personal involvement has taken the company to new heights. His daily involvement in the operations enhances business and has further developed customer relationships, thus enforcing his strategic vision for growth and industry leadership.

Mr. Abdulla Abdulrahim Hassan Bucheeri

Founder and Joint Chairman – Technical

“Balancing strategy and execution to create positive exchange between the brand and customers.”


He is an innovative technology enthusiast with an open mind to keep up with the latest technology information and a passion to design and deliver engaging work for customers, both locally and internationally.

His approach is practical and workable whereby he aims to develop strong long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. His focus on customer satisfaction is a key attribute that has resulted in the success of Awal Plastics.

His vision has moved the company to the forefront of the communication world along with contributing directly and positively towards the economy and industrialisation in Bahrain. With his eye for technical detail, Awal Plastics has become a technical leader in the industry providing excellence and reliable products.


Mr. Jalal Bucheeri

Group Corporate Affairs Director

With a firm commitment to refining the principles of people, processes and technologies at Awal Plastics, Jalal Bucheeri aims to steer the company closer towards the vision of more optimised practises at Awal Plastics on a group and global basis.

With regards to the organisational structure, he aims to further increase the efficiency of the strategic business unit to ensure that Awal Plastics can accurately understand and rapidly respond to the needs of the global markets and customers.

Mr. Ronnie Surty

Group Chief Executive Officer

An industry stalwart and advocate of best practice who puts strong emphasis on business strategy coupled with the principles of managing for success and manages an approach that complements Awal Plastics’ vision of creating a future-fit organisation that produces fit-for-purpose products.

He considers employees to be the strength of the organisation and professes adherence to ethical business practices in every area of operation. Long-term sustainability is an outcome of organic growth by driving a service-oriented culture across all functions; he constantly endeavours to make Awal Plastics the preferred supplier of choice, while building on the company’s established legacy.


Corporate Social Responsibility forms a part of the DNA of our business. We strive to be an exemplary role model that stands out through our actions. Awal Plastics abides by a strong ethical code of conduct, functioning within the strict parameters of the law and respecting government decisions.


As nation builders, Awal Plastics makes a conscientious effort to ensure the image of the organisation continues to go from strength to strength. We are strong believers in the concept of Bahrainisation and commit to providing sustainable and secure employment to the citizens of the nation.


As the number one signage company in the Middle East, we uphold steadfast values that contribute to our stance as a moral and ethical organisation with an immaculate legacy.