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At Awal Plastics we have not only brought innovation to signage systems and wayfinding, but also innovated in the way we communicate
with our customers. We’re bringing elements of design and heritage to our communication.

For more than four decades, Awal Plastics has been the leading sign maker of choice for branded environments and organisations in Bahrain
and the Arabian Gulf States. With operations based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E., the company has served major
customers across the Middle East and Africa.
Awal Plastics supports every aspect of corporate identity, brand evolution and changeover.

We recognise that signage and environmental branding is a vital part of any organisation’s communication strategy. We are dedicated to
turning imaginative ideas into spectacular visual solutions.

At Awal Plastics, our philosophy is to make the impossible possible. We believe in solving problems for our customers. With this, comes the
responsibility to challenge the status quo constantly, to keep the legacy alive and growing. We do this by meeting our customers’ needs and
relentlessly keep looking for new ways to exceed their expectations.

It is a bigger responsibility to keep continuously driving change for the benefit of the customers. What we see in design, we make happen.
This promise and call to action engages our employees’ unceasing curiosity and passion to do the best in everything they do.

When it comes to quality, we think beyond the challenge. In the end, we know that our success is measured not only by our ability to think
big, but also by our commitment to bring those ideas to life. This way of thinking has been at the heart of our success. It reflects the energy
and spirit of a company with a solid foundation.